Business Profile: Brass Tax


Welcome to the first edition of Business Profile. Where we highlight a Downtown Business in Kissimmee. This week  John Mielke, our Internet Marketing Coordinator, got the chance to sit down with Richard Rivera of Brass Tax Inc.

What’s the origin of your business?

I knew some experienced tax pros dissatisfied over their work experience from working for some of the chain tax companies. They wanted to start their own tax company; wanted more control and more freedom to make decisions. To focus more on the client, rather than worry about selling a product or meeting the sales quota for the day. To know the clients personally, to worry about their “tax health”. To break away from tax company price point policies.

What appealed to you to bring your business to Kissimmee?

Mostly the people based in Kissimmee. It’s such an original place, such as the restaurants. We were originally a franchise of Express Tax, they had a say in where we went. But the company dissolved, so we reverted back to our corporate name. To be available when people need us. The downtown area has really transformed. Downtown Kissimmee fits with the client, it’s all about community.

Besides working with taxes what other services does your business provide?

Along with tax services we also provide accounting and payroll. This includes tax planning and how they structure their corporation. For businesses we cover financial health and records. We partner with legal help as well, if they really want to get into the written frame work of their cop0ration and if they want to find a place for their business. Everyone works together through networking. We help individuals as well as businesses. We also help growing individual business. Brass Tax goes from networks to customers. We help people develop.

Why should people choose your service over your competition?

For starters, a lot of chain offices are closed April 16th. So if you receive a letter from the IRS, they can’t help you. They may have a central hub but you’d be helped by someone without proper knowledge. We have year round, full time office hours as well as extended hours. We’re open 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. We’ll make appointments to meet clients, make it convenient. We’ll give clients our personal cell phone numbers. For the client we’ll mail a letter to the IRS. There’s no restrictions for customers. We’ll take the call to meet the expectations of consumers.

We offer an active military discount of 25% and for the disabled, 50%. We also give a free notary document services to anyone, the person doesn’t have to be a previous client.

Taxes can be overwhelming for most people, what do you do to simplify the process for your customers? What makes them trust your services?

We take time to listen, don’t make assumptions, and we’ll fully understand the situation. We can hold meetings with the IRS here (at Brass Tax), which can remove some of the stress and awkwardness of having the IRS coming to your house. We have one person with three decades of experience; we’ve encountered everything before. We take on their problem to resolve it. We’ll work towards the best solution possible. Situations aren’t rubber stamped, every tax situation is unique.

Our two main tax guys are enrolled agents and can represent you to the IRS. We can’t take it to court but it should never end up in court. However, it should never get to that point.

Your company offers a free tax analysis. Why is this important for the customer and what information does it provide?

Basically, a tax analysis is a free consultation. It showcases how your taxes are structured, it could include a review of your taxes. We’ll also offer insights of “should this person open up a business from a tax perspective?” We’re not a financial advisor but we can refer our customers to one. It’s important that a person has a direct line to help with tax problems. So if they get a letter from the IRS, we’d want them to call us immediately and not have to worry about it all weekend. We can handle problems at times when other companies can’t. We’re not limited to office hours. No on the clock fee. There’s no hidden fees with a phone call.

What are your favorite places to go to in Downtown Kissimmee?

A lot of furnishings here are from Lanier’s. There’s new stuff every week. There you’re a member of the people, they’re very consumer oriented. There’s also lots of variety of places to eat, you don’t have to drive far away for lunch. Our favorites include Broadway Pizza, Nature’s Table, and Nene’s (right next door to Brass Tax). Downtown Kissimmee is a beautiful place to walk around. Such as the park and the sculptures. The weekly entertainment can be found just outside your door. Downtown seems like it’s own city. We’ve utilized businesses in the area. People here know how to solve problems quickly.  Downtown businesses give people the services they deserve.

What are some special offers that you have coming up soon?

Our tax preparation is $29. We’re taking appointments for tax season. There’s also a drop off service. You’re called back in you’re ready. We plan to have a “Tax Boot Camp”. There will be more information coming in January.

Thanks for joining us for our first edition of Business Profile. Being the holiday season we’d like to end on a festive note. Here’s Roger “Brass” Fleming from Brass Tax Inc. dressed up as Santa Claus.


Brass Tax Inc. is located on 322 Broadway Ave, you can reach the company at (407)846-1099. To like Brass Tax Inc. on Facebook, click here. To follow on Twitter, click here

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