Farmers Market

12063496_747559505371627_5218875787889004510_nThe Kissimmee Valley Farmer’s Market has found a permanent home in the beautiful Lakefront Park in Historic Downtown Kissimmee from 3 pm to 7 pm.  We currently have vendors who provide fresh/organic produce, local raw honey, beautiful handmade jewelry, handcrafted items and more !

Kissimmee Main Street works to preserve and enhance the downtown experience and one of the ways we do this is by working with local downtown restaurants to provide nutritious ingredients from the market that they in turn use in their dishes.  Below is a list of the current vendors at the Kissimmee Valley Farmers Market.  Make sure to visit them to find out more about their amazing  products and services.


Stop by and visit us at 201 Lakeview Drive
each Tuesday from 3 pm to 7

50 responses to “Farmers Market

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  2. I went to the Farmer’s Market today and found no produce – very sad indeed to see only 5 booths and not one of them vegetables. Felt bad for those few vendors there.

    • Hi Riva,

      Thank you for your comment. Our producer vendor was there with a variety of items available. As a reminder, the farmer’s market will be closed the first two weeks in July. Please join us on July 16th at our new location on the corner of Dakin Avenue and Broadway where there will be produce available.

    • Let me invite you to come back there is a new vendor there who has a little organic vegetables she grows them herself so it will be whatever is in season. The okras and tomatoes were great last week. She also has herbal vinegar which I got love that too.

    • I was told I could not sell produce at their market because they already have a1 produce vendor and they did not have room for more than one do they even know what a farmers market is?

      • Hello, that was the policy put in place by our previous market manager. However we have a new market manager and we area always looking for new vendors to help grow our market. Please contact her Shelby Lomen directly at or our office at 407-846-4643. Also our application is on the website so feel free to fill our a new one and send it directly to her.

        Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Just went to the new location on Dakin. Very disappointing…still no fruits and vegetables. There was one stand with peppers. You should call it the kissimmee flea market, not a farmers market. It was a waste of time and gas.

    • Hi Corinne,

      Unfortunately our major produce vendor (who usually has two tents) had an emergency at about 1 p.m. yesterday afternoon, which they would have to take care of immediately or it would make him unable to come future weeks with his crop. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you take the time to visit us another week.

  4. Went to market for the first time this week. Have to say that’s the lamest excuse for a Farmers Market I’ve ever been to. One produce vendor whose food probably came from the supermarket (Do we grow bananas in this are?). Some bread and sundries. About 6 or7 vendors, not worth the gas to get there.

    • Hi George,

      Unfortunately, due to the rain earlier that afternoon, we did have several vendors that chose not to come to the market that evening. Also, all of our produce vendors have been working hard on their fall crops and we look forward to the addition of those items at the market in the coming month. We hope you come back by the market in October when the cooler weather will yield more produce for our farmers and in turn their customers.

      • funny, how there has been a major excuse for every negative comment left from a visitor to this market. I live near UCF and thought to make a trip there to check it out but glad I read some comments because I’d truly be upset if I were to drive all the way across town to check it out and there not be any fresh fruits, and veggies.

      • Hi Maria,

        It’s unfortunate that you got a negative impression of our market due to the comments left of this page. We have D&R Produce who comes weekly to the market; you can see their comment on this page in October, along with a decrease in negative comments since fall crops have been harvested. We hope you reconsider us in the future.

  5. Do you know if any of the produce is organic? If so,when is a good time(better chance) of finding it there? As I live pretty far out in SC,don’t want to drive down there and be a waste…tyvm,.God Bless

    • Hi Mary,

      We do have a hydroponic produce vendor, Kissimmee Growers, but unfortunately no one is certified organic. If you are interested in trying Kissimmee Growers’ produce, they will be returning at the end of October when they are able to harvest their fall crop. Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

  6. Don’t despair, Florida Fruit/Veggie Fans!- If you aren’t finding and abundance of the fresh local produce you’re looking for now- come back soon! Many of us come to Florida thinking that because it’s green here year-round, we can grow produce year-round. However, consumers need to understand that every crop has a growing season. The hot months are the most difficult time to grow in this region- heat and humidity prevent many crops from producing, insects/disease are rampant, fields often flood. That’s why you don’t see more Florida produce during the hot months. Fall crops have been planted, but many won’t be harvested until later this season. Keep your eyes open for green beans, squash, cucumbers and other early-season crops! ~Jessica Sullivan, your friendly local UF/IFAS Extension Educator

  7. DRProduce is the current Produce vendor at the market, along with the Brown Family Farm. As stated above it is almost impossible to have ‘local’ produce in July, August, and September, but you can have ‘regional’ produce from our neighboring states that will still be fresh from the fields, literally just hours after harvesting. After Thanksgiving Florida will be producing the majority of ALL fresh produce for the entire nation, and you will be getting it first. Helpful information can be found on the Fresh From Florida website. You can also find us on Facebook at Orlando DRproduce. Thank you all for your business, see you Tuesday Nights 5 to 8.

  8. Does anyone at the market sell pure local honey. My husband has severe allergies and we are in need of pure local honey. If no one at the market sells please provide info of where I can get it that you may have.

    • Hi Wanda,

      We have 2 vendors that sell honey. The first is Majestic Treats & Eats and the second is R & B Honey. R & B is harvesting this month and will be back to the market in April.

  9. Where do all the other farmers markets get their produce if it’s not local eg. Celebration? I’ve often wondered how they get produce year round, it can’t be local. I really want local grown produce.

    • Hi Norby,
      The Kissimmee Valley Farmers Market was moved from Thursday mornings to Tuesday evenings in October 2012. We hope to see you at the market next Tuesday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on the corner of Broadway and Dakin Ave.

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    • It is probable that we will be going to the night market once the rainy season is over. If you are not yet, please head over to the Kissimmee Valley Farmer’s Market facebook page and sign up for our weekly newsletter so that you are up to date.

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  14. I have never been to a farmers market and wanted to know if it was open on the weekends and if so what time

  15. can you please tell me where there is disabled parking near to the market? many thanks.

    • Hi Patricia, official designated disabled parking is available in the Ruby Plaza parking lot on Lakeview Drive, approximately 1/2 a block from the market. However, there are multiple standard parking spaces available right along the edge of the Farmer’s Market on Lakeview Drive.

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  18. We tried to go to this market on Tuesday and were disappointed to find that there was nothing there. Please update your website so that others will not be disappointed as we were.

    • Hello,

      We apologize for any inconvenience. The Kissimmee Valley Farmers Market had a break due to lack of vendor participation. The market is now under new management and happy to announce that we have new, and hopefully more committed vendors that will be more consistent at our market. The KVFM is back on as as of April 2017 at the Lakefront Park on Tuesdays from 3-7 pm.

  19. Hello need some advice. My wife is from Honduras and we can’t find Honduras beans, rice, cheeses, any type of spices, tortillas. Any type of food or spices. I’v herd that Kissimmee might be the place. We are living in Melbourne. Can someone help us?

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