Quokka Coffee

KMS has made a tremendous effort to keep Quokka informed of local events
going on in Downtown Kissimmee and to help construct ways to benefit from
and become involved with these events for the betterment of this small

Whether it is a visit to share a new idea to facilitate social media to our
advantage, stopping by to grab menus to set out in the Welcome Station, or a
phone call to see if we have any events of our own that we would like to
promote in the KMS newsletter, it is obvious that KMS makes a day to day
effort to help small businesses Downtown.

Of course the obvious benefits felt by Quokka through the efforts of KMS are
the wonderful events both big and small that are put on by this
organization. After a year of doing business, Quokka saw record sales the
weekend of the Art Festival this November. Not only did we break record
sales that Saturday, we actually doubled our previous record.

Gallery One Artists

Kissimmee Main Street has had a positive impact on our business in more ways than I can count. Throughout the year, we are informed on a regular basis of up coming events, enabling us to make preparations to participate, in addition to tagging along with any project they offer that we can be a part of. This not only gets the word out about what we are doing, but it lets us know of new things happening, and new places opening in our area. Each time we want to put a special deal out there, Kisimmee Main Street has been a valuable and reliable vehicle to help us do just that. The Kissimmee Mainstreet Team are always on hand, and helped out each time we teamed up for an event.

As a final bonus, when we moved our gallery suddenly and towards the end of the year, we partnered with Kissimmee Main Street to host their Sculpture Awards event, and was able through them to increase awareness of our new location by participating in their pub crawl. We are proud members of an organization that really want the best for our downtown area. Many thanks from everyone at Gallery One Artists.

Laniers Downtown Marketplace

As a business and property owner in Downtown
Kissimmee, we make every endeavor to promote our business. It is a daunting
task in today’s economic. Kissimmee Mainstreet has promoted the entire
downtown and provided fun family events that have brought thousands to our
downtown. In turn the tills have been ringing and more and more people know
who and where we are. Thanks to Kelly Trace and the endeavors of all the
staff of Kissimmee Mainstreet for making that happen!

Sincerely, Sharon, Tom, Jeremy and Angie of Laniers Downtown Marketplace.

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